My FWTFL Journey Update

It’s been a full 10 months since I started this weight loss and health journey. And I’ve learned more about myself than I ever thought possible. So I figured you all could use an update. I went live on both Instagram and Facebook a few days ago to do just that. If you didn’t catch me live, feel free to catch the replay from Facebook below. In short, I’ve lost 36.5″ off my body (that’s 3 feet, y’all) and 63 lbs. And I’ve kept it off. More than that, though, I’m a much more confident and present person in my own life! And that’s a feeling I thought was completely unattainable… I’ve helped 30 women through the program and love watching them thrive and succeed and accomplish goals in their own lives they never thought possible. The FWTFL has been a complete game changer for me. Watch the video below to hear a full update and see what keeps me motivated.

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