My Favorite FASTer Way to Fat Loss Snacks (by nutritional day)

Following the FASTer Way to Fat Loss nutritional cycle and counting macros can seem intimidating… especially if you’re not sure where exactly to start. You know you need more fats on Low Carb days, but where do should you get them? And consuming all those carbs on Regular Macro days can seem so daunting. So let me try to help you out a little bit. Here are a few of my favorite snacks, by nutritional day:


  • Avocado mash with cucumber rounds
  • Dairy-free cream cheese with 1/2 pink lady apple (also great with almond butter)
  • Dry roasted almonds
  • Lightly salted cashews
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Olly protein powder (add in a scoop of nut butter)
  • 86% Ghiradelli squares (with a swipe of peanut butter or Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter)
  • Quest bars (a ton of options, very low net carbs)
  • Regular bacon
  • Shrimp
  • GROUND FLAX SEED (carb neutral, but adds fats when sprinkled onto almost ANYTHING)
  • Chicken sausage
  • Polish sausage
  • Edamame hummus with parmesan crisps


  • Chicken pesto pizza
  • Chocolate Olly protein powder with 1/2 banana, 8 oz almond milk, ice cubes (tastes like a frosty)
  • Dried fruit (mango is my favorite, be sure to check nutritional info for added sugar!)
  • Berries of all kinds
  • Rx bars
  • Quest bars
  • Gluten-free chips and salsa
  • Skinny Pop popcorn
  • Strawberries, dairy-free cream cheese, Pecan Nut Thins
  • Trader Joe’s frozen steel cut oats
  • Overnight oats
  • Magic Matcha Pudding (recipe coming soon!)
  • Trader Joe’s Fruit Bars (Apple + Mango is my favorite flavor)
  • Chobani Dairy-Free Yogurt

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